Delta looking to hire 1,800 Flight Attendants

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines says it plans to hire at least 1,800 flight attendants as it plans for growth next year.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the airline has already begun taking applications for the positions with interviews set to begin in the fall.

The first flight attendants will enter training in January. Officials say the company received more than 100,000 applications during a previous round of hiring for flight attendants.

Delta reported an $801 million profit in the second quarter, up 17 percent from a year earlier. The company is projecting that its flight schedule will grow 2 to 3 percent in the third quarter compared to a year earlier.

Article was published on Augost 24, 2014 via Associated Press

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  1. The Delta web site says there are no flight attendant jobs posted. There is no way to start a profile unless there is a job posted. It seems the article was originally posted in 2014.