The passenger is always right, but doesn’t need to be rude


Good behaviour is rewarded, bad behaviour is dismissed. This is a simple principle apply in life and teach to our little ones, but also it seems to be difficult to grasp for some  people when travelling.

In the service industry, customers, clients, or in this case; passengers are always right. This concept comes from the business point of view that is cheaper to maintain an existing customer than gain a new one.

However, when you are at 40,000 feet in the air, it certainly won’t help you to rudely complain and demand what you believe you are entitled to. Actually all the opposite, it will get you nothing.

If the cart has run out of chicken by the time it gets to your row, try nicely mentioning you would like to try the chicken if the can manage to find one for you. I guarantee you that your flight attendant will keep your face in mind when a spare chicken appears. You may even get a nice First Class chicken.

You’re too tall for your seat and you can’t fit comfortably. Instead of ranting about why the seat is “too small” to the flight attendant, try  politely asking if there is any other seat by an emergency exit or a bulkhead because of your height. Again, being polite will get you that spacious seat or even a free upgrade.

Of course, the norm is the opposite. And flight attendants are experts at dealing with these kind of behaviour. Be rude and nasty and you will get nothing more than minimal service and no effort whatsoever to solve that issue that is so important to you.

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  1. As a business traveler, I always do my best to treat the flight staff and check-in agents with respect and patience — especially when the pressure is on. Within the past month I have had Air Canada on-board flight staff find my daughter a vegetarian meal even though we completely missed the airline signup deadline, and on Dragon Air the check-in agent upgraded my wife and me to business class on an over-sold flight from which they originally wanted to bump us. I completely agree “Good behaviour is rewarded, bad behaviour is dismissed.”

  2. Julie, most airlines or your airline? My airline does, so it applies to me, maybe not to you. I think the article intends to be a fun read. It is not a scientific article. I don’t think it needs a research. MHO

  3. Most airlines do not allow FA’s to give first class meals to the main cabin, most airlines do not allow to upgrade (move passengers) to upgraded seats (economy comfort, emergency exit rows etc) w/o a price increase and especially not in flight due to weight and balance has already been factored in. Do your research before writing articles.