December, 2015

VISA looking for corporate Flight Attendant to be based in Oakland, CA


VISA is looking for experienced Cabin Crew to be based in Oakland, CA, United States. (more…)

Emirates holding interviews in San Jose, CA, United States


The Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Team conducts international assessments in different countries each month.
There are two types of assessment days: Open Days and Invitation Only Days.

Open Days are an opportunity for you to submit your CV to the recruitment team and begin the process of starting your new career with Emirates. If you’ve got what it takes, you’ll be invited to attend the Emirates Cabin Crew screening and assessment process.
Invitation Only Days: Assessments are by appointment only. Apply on-line and your application will be reviewed. If you are shortlisted you will receive an invitation with the date and location of the assessment day. (more…)

Cathay Pacific looking for Flight Attendants in San Francisco, U.S.A.

cathay pacific crew

Cathay Pacific is looking for Flight Attendant to be based in San Francisco, United States. (more…)

Southeast Asian Airlines is looking for Cabin Crew in Philippines

Southeast Asian Airlines is looking for Cabin Crew in Philippines. (more…)

Endeavor Air holding an Open house hiring event


Endeavor Air a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines will be hosting a Delta Connection OPEN HOUSE Cabin Crew Hiring Event. (more…)

IndiGo is looking for female Cabin Crew across India


IndiGo is holding walk-in assessments across multiple cities in India. They are looking for qualified Female nationals to join the airline. (more…)

Real Madrid flies high on an Emirates A380


The world’s biggest football club and the world’s largest aircraft have joined forces as Emirates unveiled today a huge Real Madrid decal on one of the airline’s A380 aircraft. (more…)

Steps to find a job as a Flight Attendant

Finding a job

Have you ever wonder how people become Flight Attendants? What does it take to land that dream job? You want to know what they did and how they did it. Here you have one by one the steps you need to follow. (more…)

Understanding Flight Loads

Understanding Flight loads

Have you ever seen something like is F6 A1 J9 C7 D0 RC IC W9 E9 T4 Y9 B9 M5 U3 H0 ? How can you read this and get a better insight of the flight loads? (more…)

Qatar Airways looking for experienced Cabin Crew in Manila

Qatar Airways is looking for experienced female Cabin Crew in Manila to be based in Doha, Qatar.
The company will be holding assessments and interviews to find the right candidates.  (more…)