Steps to find a job as a Flight Attendant

Finding a job

Have you ever wonder how people become Flight Attendants? What does it take to land that dream job? You want to know what they did and how they did it. Here you have one by one the steps you need to follow.

Talk to someone who is already a Flight Attendant

The first step is to have a chat with a current Flight Attendant. I mean current because talking to somebody who flew 20 years ago will give you a totally different picture of the job. Times have changed and the perks of the job too.
A real picture of the job. That’s the first thing you need to get. No everything is rose color as in your dreams. You need to find out the pros and cons of the profession. Whether it matches your dreams, or if it is completely the opposite of what you thought it would be.

Identify the Airlines you want to fly for

Which is your dream Airline? Is it only one o you have more than one in mind? Do a little research on the web and find out which Airlines fly in your country. Are you willing to move and live abroad? Find the name of those Airlines flying in the countries you are interested in. Identifying the Airlines is essential as a first step.

Go to their websites

Now that you have a list of Airlines, you need to research deeper about each one. First look at their website. Look for a career portal to get more information on how to apply, their benefits, where are they located, their bases, etc. Some small airlines will simply have an email address where you can send your application. Some other have a database where you can submit all your details, pictures, and CV which they keep in a candidate pool.
Check their requirements. Do they only hire nationals or a specific nationality? Do they have height restrictions? Do they only hire female candidates? Do they recruit locally or internationally?

Gather further information

Now that you have shorten your list of potential Airlines, you need to do a background check. Type their names on google or any other search engine and look for feedbacks and comments from current or past employees. Sounds difficult, but it will be easier than you think. Join public forums like pprune that will give you valuable information about the Airline, their hiring process and any other important piece of information you need to have. If there is something good or bad to know about the Airline, it will be there!

Stalk their Career Portal

You need to bookmark those pages and keep on visiting them often. Some Airlines may advertise positions only once or twice a year if they are small. The ones growing faster, advertise positions every month. So, keep on checking and applying to your target Airlines.
Stalking is all about being methodical. Keep track of dates. Write down the Airlines names on a notepad. Note down if you have submitted your CV and when. Be organised.

Get experience in the field

Being a Flight Attendant is mostly about customer service. It also includes a lot of safety, but you’ll get that part once you start training at the Airline. In the meantime, you need to get experience. Get a job in the customer service field. It can either be face to face or on a call center. The idea is to get hands-on experience and learn how to deal with public. You will learn how to remain professional even in difficult situations. A retail job can teach you some of this, but the best practice is to get a job in the hospitality field. A hotel, a resort or even an amusement park.

If an opportunity with a smaller Airline comes, take it. What better insight than flying? It would be a good step up the ladder and will let you find out if it is the right job for you before you move to a Legacy Airline or move abroad to accept a job in a foreign Airline.

You’ve been invited to an interview

Be happy! You are one step closer. The most important thing here is be yourself. On this important day, dress professionally and follow all the tips you have already found online when you were doing your research. You will already have a deep knowledge of the Airline: its destinations, type of planes, how long they’ve been there, their uniform, what they are famous for, etc. Arrive on time and shine.

If the job is for you, it will be yours!

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