Traveller Wine Bottle Protector

Wine bottle packing

Hi wine enthusiast!

We know you love buying the best wines when you visit South Africa, Italy, USA, France and many other parts of the world! And you want to bring them home safe in your suitcase!

Looking for a safe way to pack and carry your wine bottles in your suitcase?
Tired of wrapping your wine bottles with improvised hotel towels, jeans and jackets?

Get a Traveller Wine Bottle protector and get your wine bottles safe from A to B!
These are the best wine protectors you can get online:


2-bottle Neoprene Wine bottle tote

If you are looking for a wine protector that you can use both when your travel and when you go visit someone, this is the perfect fit! For only US$ 10,70 you get this Neoprene tote bag that carries up to two wine bottles. I had this one for years and it is my best friend!

Price: US$ 12,70


Wine enthusiast 2-bottle Wine Protector

If you are a more of a wine connoisseur and you want to ensure your wine travels home the safest, there is nothing better than this 2-bottle wine protector. Your wine will be double-secured and will get home ready to be opened!

Wine bottle protector

Price: US$ 34,95


Wine enthusiast Individual Wine Protector + carry strap

And for those of you who want it all, here’s a product that has the best of both worlds. The safest packing and the easiness to carry!

Price: US$ 26,99


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