WOW air cabin crew refuse to clean the airplane for free

Photo: WOW air
Photo: WOW air

The 5-year-old icelandic low-cost carrier, WOW air, is having difficulties implementing new changes as they want their cabin crew to clean the aircraft when it’s doing a turn-around abroad for free. (more…)

Frontier hiring more than 800 Flight Attendants before end of year

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)
(AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Frontier plans to hire more than 800 Flight Attendants across the country before the end of the year, FOX 31 reported.

The move comes as the airline prepares to grow and expand their fleet from 63 to 72 aircrafts and increase its operation in more locations outside its traditional home base, according to 9 News. (more…)

Man spent 18 days in transit living in Airport Lounges using forged boarding passes

One of the lounges Raejali visited. Photo: Plaza Network
One of the lounges Raejali visited. Photo: Plaza Network

Are you always running to the boarding gate to catch the next flight? Do you ever get the time to visit one of the many luxurious lounges at the Airport? This man decided to take the airport experience to another level enjoying the amenities of World’s Best Airport according to Skytrax.

A jobless 32-year-old Malaysian man decided to spend 18 days in the transit area at Changi International Airport after missing his return flight to Kuala Lumpur. (more…)

New inflight entertainment: Yoga at 30,000 feet

Source: Inside edition

Inflight entertainment and peanuts were apparently not enough to keep one passenger busy on a voyage from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, as she felt compelled to do yoga at 30,000 feet. (more…)

Unruly passenger gets restrained by pilot

Through the roof: Passenger tears off part of the ceiling and causes three hour delay


A hapless traveller delayed fellow passengers by three hours after he mistakenly tore off a section of ceiling on a brand new Cathay Pacific aircraft on Wednesday.

The 280 passengers on the flight to Bangkok by an Airbus A350 on Wednesday morning were forced to wait while engineers carried out repairs to the aircraft before it was cleared for take-off. (more…)

KLM is soon to launch on-tap draught beer on flights


By PJ Cunningham via LonelyPlanet

Dutch Airline, KLM is about to introduce the first ever draught beer service during flights. And it’s all thanks to a special draught beer dispenser developed by Heineken that the airline can serve the perfect pint a mile high in the sky. (more…)

Flight attendants fight human trafficking, and more

humantraffickingBy Alison Starling for ABC7

When you take your next airline flight, you may want to look around at the flight attendants and perhaps think of them in a different way. (more…)

Flight attendant flees security check, leaves 70 pounds of cocaine behind


New York Post – A skittish flight attendant heading to LaGuardia airport flew into a panic at a security gate — ditching two suitcases full of clothes, condoms and nearly 70 pounds of cocaine, before kicking off her Gucci shoes and managing to escape pursuing TSA agents. (more…)

Aircrew around the world are crowdfunding to help the families of FZ981

FZ981 cover

We all know that disregarding the uniform we wear, we are all one family in the sky. And it is specially in the most difficult moments like this, the lost of our FZ981 colleagues, that we as a crew community need to stand together.

A crowdfunding campaign has been set in placed by Flydubai Capt. Sacha Khamnei to offer the possibility to come together and “help the families of the crew of FlyDubai flight FZ981 who tragically lost their lives”, Capt Khamnei  mentioned describing the goal of the campaign.

“We are all family here: expats united in diversity, and we want to provide all the support possible to the families of the lost crew in this tragic and difficult time”, Capt. Khamnei said.

With your help, a so needed initial support can be provided to the families. Many of them had lost their main breadwinner and need to carry their day to day lives and expenses until final compensation comes through.

FZ981 Crowdfunding

The campaign had already gather above £36,000  in less than 48 hours after the accident. The goal is to reach a very possible £100,000  to be distributed among the families. The initiative got loca media attention and was covered by local newspaper Gulf News.

Join the crew community efforts by visiting their Crowdfunding website and sharing whatever you can to this campaign.