Five quick meals a Flight attendant carries to work

cutting board

Trying to stay healthy and maintain a good weight is one of the most discussed topics on board amongst crew. Most of us follow at least one of the popular diets and may argue which is the best. We all agree that eating the meals loaded on board is a big no no if you want to keep your figure or even loose a bit here and there when you fly as much as we do.

One way to avoid eating meals on board is packing your own. But who has time for that, right? Well, actually you do, if you plan ahead and stick to simple meal plans. These are my top five meals to take on board. Enjoy.


Why I am still a Flight Attendant?

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Five years ago I made the decision to become a flight attendant, cabin crew, trolly dolly, whatever you wanna call it. I left family and friends and moved to the other side of the globe. I went through a long and rigorous training program and began my new life.

Over the years I have seen many positive changes in myself and my way of thinking. I’ve seen so much of this beautiful planet and have met so many different interesting people. I’ve also woken up at unholy hours and gotten dressed to go to work long before the sun has made his appearance. I’ve missed birthdays, holidays and weddings. Actually, I almost missed my own wedding, but that’s another story. I’ve touched people and made an actual difference to others at some points over the years. I’ve saved a lot of money, I’ve spent even more. My skin and makeup has never looked better. I have never been this tired. I have made quick friends and sadly I’ve had to loose some old ones. It is definitely a lifestyle, not just a job.