Kam Air aircrew among the casualties after Hotel siege in Kabul

At least 11 killed belong to Kam Air crew who were staying at the hotel.

A death toll of at least 30 people was reported after a Hotel siege by 5 armed attackers in Kabul. A senior Afghan security official, in condition of anonymity, said the death told was over 30 and might climb up higher as there was no official press release by the government, Reuters reported.

It is been reported that at least 11 Kam Air staff were among the casualties.

Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul where the foreign crew was staying at.

The local airline, Kam Air, said that around 40 of its pilots and aircrew, many of whom are foreigners, were staying in the hotel which they use as permanent accommodation. Local media reports said the dead included two Venezuelan pilots and Ukrainian crew members.

Kam Air runs 20 domestic flights from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul every day, the airline officials said.

Officials of the airline, said they have canceled domestic flights for now after the incident.

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