Flight Attendant’s flaming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 costume gone viral

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Costume

A picture of a halloween costume has gone viral on social media after a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant was spotted dressed up as a Flaming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone at Salt Lake City Airport.

The Flight Attendant originality and sense of humor brought smiles to passengers flying out of Salt Lake City on October, 31st. Her elaborate costume of a smoking phone also served as a reminder to passengers carrying the banned phones about the potential risk and encouraged them to leave them behind.

The woman was seen interacting and joking with passengers at the gate of the flight to San Francisco out of Salt Lake City International Airport. It was said on twitter, the woman was joking about not been allowed to get on the flight due to the ban.

The phone was taken by Heath W Black and posted on Twitter. It has been retweeted more than 5 thousand times and has got more than 9 thousand likes.

The FAA issued a travel ban on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the replacement model was also found smoking on a Southwest Airlines flight last month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Airlines has started adding fire prevention equipment to their fleet in an attempt to control and deal with the potential risk of lithium battery hazard they face onboard.

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