ExpressJet is hiring Flight Attendants for its CRJ and ERJ fleet


ExpressJet Flight Attendants are committed to providing an exceptional level of customer service to our passengers while upholding our vision by putting safety first in everything we do.  A Flight Attendant must possess the confidence and excellent decision making skills needed to provide leadership and direction to our passengers.

Minimum requirements:

  • Education and experience:
    > Must be 21 years of age or older
    > A minimum of a high school diploma or GED equivalent
    > Two years of customer service experience is preferred
    > Successful completion of formal training in Atlanta or Houston provided
    by the company as a condition of employment (Transportation and
    and double occupancy accommodations, but no salary during training)
  • Authorization to work in the United States:
    > Legal authorization to work in the United States
    > Valid passport (must be available on the first day of training)
    > Travel documents that allow the bearer to freely exit and re-enter the
    United States (multiple entry status)
  • General Abilities including but not limited to:
    > Reach into overhead bins and stand erect in aisle
    > Walk down aisle face forward without interfering with the comfort of
    > Comfortably sit in all jump seats without a seatbelt extension
    > Speak and write English fluently
    > Accept/relocate to a base assignment at your own expense in any
    current or future crew bases.
    >CRJ Crew Bases are currently: Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, Detroit, MI
    >ERJ Crew Bases are currently: Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Dallas, TX,
    Houston, TX, Newark, NJ
  • Ability to withstand work environment including but not limited to:
    > Varying climatic conditions and locales
    > Rotating schedule with variable hours that could include up to 16 hour
    duty days, holidays and weekends
    > Dry air
    > Moderate noise levels
    > Dim lighting
    > Confined spaces
    > Frequent and continuous contact with others
    > Exposure to peanuts, pets, and other allergens
  • Physical abilities including but not limited to:
    > Lift luggage up to 50 lbs.
    > Lift special passengers in an evacuation
    > Push open and pull closed aircraft door with a force up to 39 lbs.
    > Push or pull a beverage or meal cart with a force up to 29 lbs.
    > Maintain balance while walking slowly and standing during flight
    > Sit, climb, stoop/bend, reach, twist, and crouch for long periods of time
  • Requirements before a job offer can be made:
    > FAA required criminal history records check based on fingerprints
    > Reference check
    > Verification of education
    > DOT/FAA required drug test

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