February, 2016

Crown Melbourne is looking for VIP Flight Attendant to be based in Melbourne, Australia


Crown Melbourne is looking for VIP Flight Attendants for its base in Melbourne, Australia.
Crown Resorts Limited is one of Australia’s largest entertainment groups and a leader in the integrated resorts sector. The development of Crown’s International Business, coupled with the acquisition of a new fleet of corporate aircraft in 2015 has brought about an exciting opportunity for a Flight Attendant to join the VIP International Flight Department on a Full Time basis. (more…)

Should I pay in local currency or my home currency when I use my card abroad?


Have you been offered to choose to pay in your own currency or local currency when you are abroad? Have you ever doubted what is better? Should you keep it simple and pay in your own currency? While in an ideal world there shouldn’t be a difference between the two prices, turns out there actually is. (more…)