Philippine Airlines is hiring Flight Attendants


Philippine Airlines is looking for Flight Attendants in Manila.Minimum requirements:

  • Filipino citizen
  • Not more than 27 years old
  • Completed at least 2 years in college
  • Can speak English and Filipino
  • Female applicants must be single, at least 5’2″
  • Male applicants are preferably single, at least 5’6″
  • Weight must be proportionate to height
  • With good visual impact and pleasing personality
  • With clear complexion and a good set of teeth.

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  1. Pwede po kaya ako mag apply ulet sa pal? Khit 2months after plang nung last apply ko? Anyway nag apply me sa palex nkapasa me hangang Epi and exam pero sa meet the president hindi ko alam pero hindi ako natanggap sobrang sakit.. Kse lahat nmn ginawa ko baka d lang ako bet ng presidente na si boni sam kse sya ang nag ddecide. Now i just wanted to try again. Much prepared para d nako kabahan sobra..

  2. Hi. About the height requirement, it s stated here na at least 5’2″, but i saw n PAL website na min of 5’3″ daw?

  3. I understand, but remember what is important is what you will enjoy doing go for it hope you get hire and in the future if you decide one day to finish your course go for it too life is too short . God will always have a plan for you for as long as you follow his teachings.

  4. Thank you so much for your advice raul. I really appreciate it. You’re right, having a degree is one of the best things, god knows how much i want to finish nursing school but right now it’ll be hard for me because of financial issue thats why i want to have a job that i will actually love and compensates well so i can save money and get my degree in the future. God bless! πŸ˜ƒ

  5. Hi Tia my name is Raul a FA here in States, my only suggestion now is if you only two semesters to go finished it because its always nice to have that degree if ever you decide one day to quit your job as an FA. The job is great if you are not an 8-5 person and enjoy travelling, but you are still young the world is waiting for you so finished your college first and apply because they will always be hiring even here in the States. My ex gf after we finished Dentistry i told her to apply as an FA before we pursue our practice which she did and now flies to Emmirates which is one of the best airline in the world.

  6. Goodevening just want to ask if i can still apply for FA position? Im turning 22 this november and only have 2 semester left in college also working in a call center but im a single mom. TIA!

  7. Listen if you don’t like the criteria of Philippine Airlines hiring system no one is asking you to apply to them, go apply to other airlines that you mentioned. It is the prerogative of the company . I know its discrimination in some way , but there are other airlines who does not do this so why don’t you apply there if your over 27 and over the hill, if your complexion is full of pimples, if your height is not proportion to your weight, if you don’t have a pleasing personality and so on, instead of complaining

  8. This airline has full of discrimination.. in other words .. there rules of hiring isn’t even appropriate especially at this time.. like age, skin colour , educational background and also looks..

    1. 18-27 and must be single.. LOOK AROUND PAL AIRLINES KAYO NA LANG ANG NAG HAHIRE NG GANYAN…!!! GOSH E ANO NAMAN KUNG MAY ASAWA ?? at anu naman kung lagpas 27??
    2. clear complexion.. where do i start with this one?? GOSH SO FULL OF RACISM AND HATE..
    3. Educational Background .. guys look around u .. compare yourself to really big airlines like Etihad and Emirates.. They only need high school graduates.. basta they can perform the duty .. its good.. tapos local lang kayu na airlines .. daming kaartehan ..
    4. Looks.. OK yes you have to be presentable pero kung hinahire nila e parang halos magaaply na parang model . e talagang maiinis ka lang .. there are so many flight attendants that are chubby, old, brown skinned/black and etc. but its all about the customer service .. HINDI PAGPAPATIPO SA MGA CUSTOMERS ANG KAILANGAN.. !! >:(

  9. This is not America! They have a right to decide requirements for their employees in Asian countries. I personally like having pretty ,young ladies tending to me when I fly and not old fat grumpy people.

  10. magandang umaga po ask po ako about sa Completed at least 2 years in college any course po buh is allowed nmn mag apply basta ang qualification ay ok at pasok sa inyu kasi two(2)years course po ako information technology po ako.

  11. Why they have a ages limit? In other airlines ..i mean here in unites state of america, there is no ages limit. You can be a flight attendant even you are in the 50’s and 60’s . As long as you do your job. That is a big discrimination!!!!

  12. Clear complexion?
    What’s wrong with a darker skin ?
    What if they have all the qualification except the colour of their skin is that means they can’t get the job ?
    What a racist

  13. Retirement age is 40, maybe that’s the reason why they are capping the age at 27, no one wants to be jobless by age 40, unless you started early like 20-21, you still have little less than 29 years to save for your retirement.

    Work of a FLIGHT STEWARD / STEWARDESS comes with a great responsibility, their work is to save lives of the passengers and maintain safety. This is a prestigious job yet delicate.

  14. Retirement is at age 40, maybe that’s 1 of the reasons why they’re limiting the age at 27. You don’t want to be jobless at 40 right? But if the applicant will start at an early stage like 20-21 they still have less than 20 years to do savings for the 40 retirement.

  15. My age not qualified I’m already 29 .! But I’m 5’9 I really want to work as a cabin crew that’s my dream.😭

  16. My experienced if you can’t fit in the emergency window exit because of your size the Captain will not allow you to be working on that aircraft, so pretty much know what size we are talking about here, chubby and pretty ok, pero pag sobra na first of all there is no excuse of being fat especially if your are still young.

  17. My gosh. Is really being skinny matters? How ’bout the others that completed their courses in tourism but ‘chubby’ ?! So, she can’t get the job she wanted to because of that requirement–“weight should be proportionate to height”?! oh please, change is coming. Please change that too. Lol. Hope you guys can accept people who are good in that job even if they’re chubby. (hindi yung sobrang taba ah. Yung parang sumobra lang ng onti yung weight.)

  18. Hi. I’m a graduate of BS Tourism Management in St. Paul University. I would like to ask if it’s okay to apply on this job until now? Thank you.

  19. After the application online does the applicant need to wait for a call or just go directly to your office? Thank you.

  20. Hello. Good day! Where can I submit my resume? Is it through online or I need to go to the Hr of pal? Thank you.

  21. Im 22 years old. Im an undergraduate. But i completed two years in college.can i apply? Thankyou πŸ™‚

  22. Bakit ba nakikialam Yung British Anong paki niya yan ang patakaran sa Pinas , To each is own it’s sad but we can’t do anything unless the law can be changed.

  23. Your right about that , but of course I would not hire a fat woman compared to a slim one if it comes to that, common sense dictates if your fat your not going to apply as FA because you will not fit to get into the emergency exit window which is one requirement and if you even attempt to apply it’s what you call you’ve got a good f fighting spirit, lose those excess extra spare tire around your waist first.

  24. When in Rome do what the Romans do, kaartehan yes , but don’t compare Europe to the Philippines as far as their policy to each is own.

  25. It’s there policy and its been there policy for decades nothing you can do about it. Go apply abroad.

  26. Filipinos especially PAL are very prejudice look closely on the list of qualifications.. American employers will never require you to be young/skinny and have a good complexion when you apply for any job not even airline companies.. If you are qualified based on your experience and education and your personality/team work.. Then you will be hired!! Only in the Philippines that people are so prejudice.. Wake up people.. The world is not only for young/skinny and beautiful it’s for everyone.. Regardless..

  27. Get dual citizenship then or just apply here in the StAtes they are also hiring and age does not matter and weight.

  28. Female applicants must be single, at least 5’2β€³
    Male applicants are preferably single, at least 5’6β€³

    So female applicants MUST be single but male applicants are PREFERABLY?

  29. Sayang over age ako para sa work na ito’ ito dream ko mula noong bata pa ako! Bakit sa ibang bansa kahit high school grad.lang pwede. May British na nakabasa nitong adds. Sabi nya bakit ganun dito sa Pinas ,kailangan may hitsura, bata ,may tinapos bago magka trabaho’ hindi raw maganda,kawawa naman ang karamihan sa Pilipino’…

  30. Yess. Sa American airlines nga mga my edad ang flight stewardess nila noong sinakyan ko fr JFK intl airport to Buffalo vice versa.wla ako nkita na bata.

  31. Madaming kaartehan ang Pinas . Air Canada nga ska United Air High school grad lang at walang age limit. AT HINDI KAILANGAN NG PLEASING PERSONALITY PWEH!! D BALE MALAPIT NA RIN IPATUPAD NI MS PIA CAYETANO ANG BAN NG AGE LIMIT

  32. Why is it that women MUST Be single while men are PREFERABLY single? Also noticed your cabin crew shot has no darker skinned Filipinos featured – is this your limited view of what is ‘good visual impact’ Philippine Airlines? This is a very discriminatory ad and should be taken down before the media puts a spotlight on tit.

  33. Well, if a flight attendant doesn’t look great, isn’t young looking and isn’t friendly, we complain, right? That’s their standards, deal with it. The requirements here in the USA are way more complicated.

  34. tatanungin ka kung sinong backer mo? Pag wala…goodbye cut na! Tapos si Ramon Ang daw ang may final say. Dummy lng pala ang HR. Micromanagement it is.

  35. I went for an orientation before and one of the basic requirements is that you should only have 10 fingers and 10 toes. I find it odd
    To be honest most of these simple requirements are major forms if discrimination… age, pleasing personality.. being implemented by a big and reputable company which should know better

  36. Pag dating mo sa interview pgtpos ka patayuin at pangitiin paalisin ka na, thank you daw cocontakin k nlng, pumuti na buong mata mo di ka pa nila tinatawagan. Mataas kasi standards nila di makatotohanan.

  37. To compare, this is what Lufthansa is looking for on another posting in this site: good eyesight, excellent health and fitness, confidence in water. No nonsense about visual impact and a good set of teeth.

  38. So many requirements on appearance and nothing at all about fitness for emergency training nor excellent public communication skills (merely speaking “English and Filipo [sic]” doesn’t cut it). This is whyβ€”despite the insistence of every flight attendant I’ve spoken to that their primary concern is passenger safetyβ€”they are often treated no more as pretty faces who serve you chicken or beef.

  39. Completed 2yrs in college? Seriously? kung di ka pa graduate ng DLSU…ATENEO…UP…UST at MERRIAM COLL di ka maha hire dyan.