January, 2016

Airplane Coffee: Why you should not drink it


Having a cup of coffee is one of the basic things that most people would take for granted when they travel on a plane. It’s such a basic concept as getting to their seat, browsing the in-flight magazine and asking for a cup of coffee to finally get the day started before reaching destination. The truth behind drinking that cup of coffee at 40,000 feet is way beyond imaginable. (more…)

The passenger is always right, but doesn’t need to be rude


Good behaviour is rewarded, bad behaviour is dismissed. This is a simple principle apply in life and teach to our little ones, but also it seems to be difficult to grasp for some  people when travelling. (more…)

Lufthansa looking for Flight Attendants to be based in Munich, Germany


Lufthansa is looking for bilingual Flight Attendants to be based in Munich, Germany.
Join this European Company which employs more than 20,000 crew on its shorthaul and longhaul routes worldwide. (more…)

2015 was the safest year in aviation history


With two high-profile disasters resulting in the deaths of 374 people, one could be forgiven for thinking that 2015 was among the deadliest years in the history of aviation.


VistaJet is hiring Flight Attendants to be based in USA


VistaJet, the world’s luxury aviation company, in conjunction with US Operating Partners, Jet Aviation and Priester Aviation, is looking for dynamic, passionate and talented Flight Attendants based in the USA. (more…)