Air Atlanta Icelandic needs Cabin Crew to be based in Jeddah


Air Atlanta Icelandic is looking for both experienced and new Cabin Crew. Applicants need to be able to start their training in June 2016.
This position as Cabin Crew Member is demanding and exciting and will require high personal standards and excellent customer service skills.

Job Requirements:

  • English Language fluency (Spoken and Written)
  • Minimum age 22 years, maximum age 35 years
  • Certification of Cabin Crew Initial Safety Training for applicants with previous experience
  • Candidates must hold a valid passport which does not expire before December 2016, which also permits worldwide travel without restrictions
  • Clean criminal record
  • Good Health
  • Minimum level of education of High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to relocate to various locations on worldwide bases for lengthy periods
    Minimum height of 1,60 m with weight in proportion to height
  • Clear speech, good hearing and eyesight (glasses/contact lenses are allowed)
  • Good swimming skills
  • No visible tattoos, body piercings or metal dental braces
  • Candidates must be able to provide 5 year traceable record
  • A positive attitude
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Great Knowledge of Customer Service Skills
  • Good organization skills and adaptability to changing environments
  • The ability to be tactful and diplomatic but also assertive, when necessary
  • Confidence in dealing with a range of people
  • Competence in handling difficult situations and the ability to remain calm under pressure and in emergency situations.
  • The ability to work quickly and efficiently, often to tight time constraints
    Good understanding of Cultural Diversity and ability to work in multicultural environments.

If you would like to apply to Air Atlanta Icelandic, click here

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  1. You do sell dreams with out telling how much you are able to pay the services you ask for. Is it fare?, I am not sure…Be careful because the day for paying back your racial segregation will arrive, and 35years old as a limit I still remember the old ladies over sixty years…